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Thomas Duncker

Principal Consultant
Thomas Duncker Bastion Defence Consulting

Thomas Duncker

Principal Consultant

Thomas is a highly qualified Marine Engineer with a Masters of Marine Engineering and a Bachelor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Thomas has played key roles in the Engineering teams on the AWD project and the Canadian Surface Combatant and most recently Asset Management at MCDSPO.

Having spent multiple years in Project Management on both Engineering and IT projects, Thomas is an extremely well-rounded consultant.

Thomas specializes in Risk Management, Asset Management, Defense Procurement, VFI, Torpedo Handling Systems, and Systems Engineering.

Thomas is experienced in many IT tools used throughout Defence, such as Objective, AMPS, ECQMS, TRMS, MILIS, and CMT-U.

Thomas’s high attention to detail, communication skills, and stakeholder management make him an excellent fit in any team.

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