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We are a Maritime-focused company, delivering innovative solutions

Our selective recruitment process balances capability with personal characteristics and cultural fit, this has created a highly effective team work culture with personnel instantly recognising shared values, capability and work ethic in their colleagues. Our clients notice that we aren’t typical consultants embarking on circular scoping studies – we find the straightest, efficient and most effective solution pathway through collaboration and deliver to that promise.

Our consulting firm is founded on innovation and excellence.

Our values are transparent and, importantly, carried out conscientiously and consistently through our work and actions. We have built a company culture devoted to nurturing our team’s talent and ambition to provide excellence whilst supporting and practicing good old Australian mateship spirit. Yes, including Team social event and moments of fun gathering.

Bastion Defence Consulting Rook

We specialise and excel in smart defence solutions.

Require a broad range of support for your complex maritime projects across the entire asset lifecycle? Bastion has you covered.

With skill sets ranging from contracting and procurement to complex ship design, Bastion is able to provide multi-faceted support in the delivery of complete turn key solutions.

Our core skill sets include Project Management, Engineering, Naval Architecture, Maintenance Management, Legal, Commercial, Configuration Management, Complex Designs, Supply Support, Asset Management, Cybersecurity, Integrated Logistics Support, Export Controls and Bid Development.

Program and Project Management / Support

Bastion Defence provides program management and project management that helps organisations to reduce costs, improve schedule adherence, optimise resource utilisation and enhance the quality of projects.

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With a dedicated design office working with the latest CAD software and tools Bastion Defence Consulting is ready to deliver to your requirements within an ISO 9001 accredited design framework.

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Bastion Defence Consulting are able to offer Nuclear skilled and technically experienced personnel capable of providing support and leadership to Nuclear Safety Case development, nuclear operations, maintenance, repair and safety case management.

With a focus on establishing sovereign nuclear skilled capability our Australia based consultants have experience in the following areas:

- PWR commisioning,
- Safety Case Development,
- Safety Case management,
- Nuclear Repairs,
- Establishing a Nuclear Safety Case Culture / ‘The nuclear mindset’
- Hazardous nuclear waste management,
- HAZOP, HAZID, FMECA disciplines in support of Safety Cases,
- Nuclear Facility management,
- Nuclear infrastructure safety committees,
- Regulatory compliance and liaison,
- Independent Peer Review,
- Nuclear reactor operations and maintenance.

In addition to our Australian based team, Bastion Defence Consulting have established a Nuclear Technical Support Network adding capacity and further specialist nuclear skillsets enabling Bastion to offer one stop solution to Australian nuclear projects.

Maintenance Management

Bastion Defence is a leading provider of maintenance services for the maritime defence industry. Our unique approach to engineering governance, design and development will ensure your program delivers on time and within budget.

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Commercial / Procurement

Bastion Defence is a specialist consultancy providing expert contract management and procurement planning and execution services to clients across the public and private sectors.

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Configuration Management

Bastion Defence is a leading Configuration Management team and consultancy (CM) in Australia. Our experienced and qualified consultants are experts in CM, with many years of experience working in the ADF.

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Asset Management

We apply our accredited CAAMS expertise in optimising planning, engineering changes and upgrades, maintenance systems and artefacts, ILS as well as finance and commercial elements to get the most out of complex defence assets.

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Naval Architecture

Bastion Defence Consultants are a naval architecture firm in Australia, we offer a wide range of services for the design and construction of ships and naval vessels. Contact us today.

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Integrated Logistics Support

Bastion Defence Consulting is a world-leading provider of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). Bastion’s ILS services cover the full spectrum of supportability needs, from concept development and design through to sustainment in service.

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Export Controls

Expert Export Controls services ranging from policy development, framework development within sustainment organisations, audits, access management, authorisations management and amendment, remediation planning and implementation.

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Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

Bastion Defence Consulting offers nationally recognised training services in VET, centered around skillsets for the Defence industry.

Cyber Security

Bastion Defence Consulting designs, manages and audits Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) frameworks ensuring the Cyberworthiness of your organisation. Whether its Infosec Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) assessments or specific threat assessments and treatment, Bastion will provide you the assurance and protection you are seeking.

Bastion’s establishment covers all Australia.

Bastion invests first and foremost in our Team relationship and the quality of its corporate culture: that is to ensure a positive environment, where the individual feels well supported and looked after to achieve their dream career goals. We believe the first factor for a person’s success is a supportive, constructive corporate culture that provides both personal and professional development.

The magnitude of Our Clients

Reflects Our Work Standards.

Our core skill sets include Asset Management, Project Management, Scheduling, Contracting and Engineering, with a Focuse on Maritime Defence Consulting.

Yes, We encourage interaction and team building.

Since winning our first contracts in 2018, Bastion has grown to over 70 employees. We have accomplished this growth in partnership with each and every employee whom we recognise as being responsible for this success in the value they bring every day. We encourage interaction and team building through our corporate events held at the local and national level. Check out the photos of our latest events below.

Bastion Defence Conference Team
Bastion Defence Conference Team Building
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