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Projects that Enhance Seaworthiness

Projects that Enhance Seaworthiness

Bastion is continuing to deliver services to Hydrographic SPO, expediting the remediation of three of the Items of Risk (IoR) areas through collaborative engagement with the Hydrographic Systems Program Office (HSPO) in-service support partner.
Bastion established key stakeholder relationships to align understanding of the scope, define the optimal outcomes and develop standardised project artefacts. We are now delivering a full turn key solution; identifying assets and systems with reliability issues, optimizing maintenance, developing the preventative maintenance instructions, establishing the maintenance completion framework, and incorporating the collated data and developed artefacts into the Defence asset management and maintenance software systems in a manner that provides traceable OQE.

Bastion has both the expertise and the capacity to understand problems, develop solutions and scope, plan and deliver large, complex projects end to end. We work seamlessly with industry partners and the Commonwealth in both above and below the line engagements, focusing on and delivering high quality outcomes.

The magnitude of Our Clients
Reflects Our Work Standards.

Our core skill sets include Asset Management, Project Management, Scheduling, Contracting and Engineering, with a Focus on Maritime Defence Consulting.

We take care of our Team.

Bastion invests first and foremost in our Team relationship and the quality of its corporate culture: that is to ensute a positive environment, where the individual feels well supported and looked after to achieve their dream career goals. We believe the first factor for a person’s success is a supportive, constructive corporate culture that provides both personal and professional development.