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Bastion Defence Consultants are a naval architecture firm in Australia, we offer a wide range of services for the design and construction of ships and naval vessels. Contact us today.

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Bastion Defence Consulting is a trusted defence consultancy provider that specialises in naval architecture. In this challenging and demanding field, Bastion Defence Consulting Australia can provide both creativity and precision offering a complete range of services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for stability analysis, vessel design or upgrade, or structural design and shock analysis, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. We also offer specialisations in paramarine, maxsurf, ANSYS, NASTRAN/PATRAN and FORAN, as well as 3D modelling. With our years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we can provide you with the high-quality services you need.

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Stability Analysis

Bastion Defence Consulting provides full stability analysis against stability standards as well as recommendations for remediation action required for vessels with compromised stability. Bastion’s Naval Architects have experience in creating full 3D ship models for intact and damage stability as well as calculations for compliance to various conventions including Load Line, SOLAS, Suez/Panama Canal Certificates.

Bastion Defence Consulting Naval Architects have experience remodelling vessels to account for design changes that modify the stability characteristics of the vessel using many different stability modelling tools.

Inclining Experiments

Bastion Defence Consulting have extensive experience conducting inclining experiments on many classes of commercial and military vessels including submerged and surfaced submarine trials and inclining experiments of surface ships up to Destroyer size. Our Naval Architecture team has also significant experience in writing and updating stability booklets post inclining experiments.

Margins Management

Bastion Defence Consultants have in-depth knowledge of vessel margins management, including management of data associated with design change impacts and forward margins predictions based on proposed fleet implementation schedules. This includes the upkeep of margins management models as well as the ability to model and assess the cumulative impact of proposed changes in terms of space, weight, weight/buoyancy balance (submarines), stability, electrical power, thermal loads and the corresponding impact on cooling systems.

Vessel Design and Upgrade

Bastion Defence Consulting has extensive experience in many aspects of concept design of major vessels including Attack Class Submarine, LAND8710-1A Landing Craft, SEA5000 Frigates in support of both tender development as well as in the acquisition phase. Our consultants also have broad experience in major upgrades for existing platforms

Structural Design/Shock Analysis

Our Naval Architects and specialist Structural Engineers have experience of working with contemporary structural standards and various shock standards, and have experience in the structural design of vessels throughout the successive stages of the design lifecycle including structural modifications in-service. This includes global and local strength analysis, hand calculations, surface and solid finite element modelling and analysis for all foreseeable loading conditions.

Our Naval Architecture Projects.

Since winning our first contracts in 2018, Bastion has grown to over 30 employees. We have accomplished this growth in partnership with each and every employee whom we recognise as being responsible for this success in the value they bring every day. We encourage interaction and team building through our corporate events held at the local and national level. Check out our latest Naval Architecture projects below.

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Bastion’s clients know we are a company you can trust. Bastion’s consultants are carefully selected to ensure alignment with our values. Specifically placing our client’s needs before our own and ensuring that business development does not interfere with delivering outcomes. We let our work do the talking.


“Particularly impressed by the ability of Bastion to decompose complex problems into manageable deliverables”


“What you see is what you get”


“Bastion listens to and understands our requirements”


“We know if we engage Bastion personnel we can expect high quality consultants to provide the outcomes we need”