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Expert Export Controls services ranging from policy development, framework development within sustainment organisations, audits, access management, authorisations management and amendment, remediation planning and implementation.

Expert Advice and Support

Bastion Defence Consulting is Australia’s number one consulting firm, offering Export Controls services and expertise to both Government and Industry clients. Our team of experienced consultants who are able to provide advice and assistance on a wide range of export control issues across the contract lifecycle. We offer tailored solutions for Policy development, Framework development within sustainment organisations, technical data Access management, Authorisations management and amendment, Compliance audits, Remediation planning and implementation.

We have a team of experienced professionals who are familiar with export controls legislative and defence policy requirements as well as practical applications in sustainment and acquisition contexts. We will work with you to ensure your export controls risk is minimised and your organisation has sufficient understanding of requirements across relevant functions and day to day practice. We provide training, mentoring and upskilling so that your staff remain up to date with Export Controls systems and management.

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Policy Development

Bastion Defence Consulting is committed to providing effective and efficient policy development services to our clients for their export controls. We have identified a gap between legislation and higher level governmental policy and working level understanding, particularly for non-commercial functions. We use this understanding and experience to reduce this gap in working level support to staff in managing export controls through policy and instructions. We will also provide guidance on how to implement policy once developed.

Framework Development within Sustainment Organisations

We offer to develop and implement arrangements for the transfer of technology, knowledge and equipment between nations in the Defence Sustainment context. With our wealth of experience in managing projects involving the transfer of complex defence systems, Bastion Defence Consultants have a thorough understanding of the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the UK’s Centre for Military Technology Utilisation as well as French, Australian and other key partner nation control regimes. Our objective is to ensure that our clients are able to comply with all relevant regulations and maximise the potential of their technology transfer programmes while having minimal impact to other operations. Our frameworks include systems, policy, processes and training covering all aspects of managing export controls.

Access Management

Bastion Defence Consulting is a leading provider of access management support, we help our clients understand existing licences, applicable controls and a path to providing access where required. We work embedded in Commercial or technical teams providing real time advice and access management. We are able to implement an access management system including a register of authorisations, processes and training for staff.

Authorisations Management and Amendment

Bastion Defence Consulting offers an Authorisations management and amendment service to help ensure that our clients are compliant with the latest regulations. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience in this area and can provide guidance on all aspects of the authorisation process. We also offer a comprehensive review service, which can identify any areas where your Authorisations may be lacking.

Compliance Audits

Bastion Defence Consulting helps maritime organisations to stay compliant with Export Controls. We offer a comprehensive range of compliance audits to ensure our clients. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each client, and our team has a wealth of experience in compliance audits for maritime export controls.

Remediation Planning and Implementation

Bastion Defence Consulting have extensive experience in remediation planning and implementation for export controls having worked with a number of government and private sector clients. We find that given outcome focused priorities in Defence, export controls is often under-resourced and not well structured or understood. Our specialists have experience with assessing and improving export controls compliance and systems in organisations that have historically neglected the function. We provide advice based on our affluent knowledge across Federal and state policy frameworks. Bastion Defence Consulting can provide a comprehensive remediation planning and implementation service, as well as expert advice on export controls.

Training Mentoring and Upskilling

Bastion Defence Consulting offers mentoring services to help businesses develop and implement export control plans. As always, our staff provide training and mentoring of existing teams both with Government and Industry, leveraging expertise to build working-level knowledge of export controls and best practice approaches to managing restrictions in Defence. This ensures our clients comply with Export Control regulations and allow them to succeed in the global marketplace.

Our Export Controls Projects.

Since winning our first contracts in 2018, Bastion has grown to over 30 employees. We have accomplished this growth in partnership with each and every employee whom we recognise as being responsible for this success in the value they bring every day. We encourage interaction and team building through our corporate events held at the local and national level. Check out our latest Export Control projects below.

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Bastion’s clients know we are a company you can trust. Bastion’s consultants are carefully selected to ensure alignment with our values. Specifically placing our client’s needs before our own and ensuring that business development does not interfere with delivering outcomes. We let our work do the talking.


“Particularly impressed by the ability of Bastion to decompose complex problems into manageable deliverables”


“What you see is what you get”


“Bastion listens to and understands our requirements”


“We know if we engage Bastion personnel we can expect high quality consultants to provide the outcomes we need”