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Engineering Services in Complex Environments

Engineering Services in Complex Environments

The Maritime Cross Platform Systems Program Office (MCPSPO) is the primary logistics services provider within the Maritime Systems Division. On being engaged Bastion quickly worked to develop MCPSPO’s engineering and technical management systems and processes to ensure compliance to their obligations as an Authorised Engineering Organisation whilst actively delivering new equipment and capability to the RAN. This included the technical development required to transition all RAN Seaboats and ancillary equipment from DMSS to MCPSPO management as well as support to COVID response and replacement Breathing Air Compressor Unit capability.

Bastion works to provide the best value to the customer. Striving to achieve the best outcomes for the client at all times even when operating under accelerated timeframes.

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Our core skill sets include Asset Management, Project Management, Scheduling, Contracting and Engineering, with a Focus on Maritime Defence Consulting.

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Bastion invests first and foremost in our Team relationship and the quality of its corporate culture: that is to ensute a positive environment, where the individual feels well supported and looked after to achieve their dream career goals. We believe the first factor for a person’s success is a supportive, constructive corporate culture that provides both personal and professional development.