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Bastion Defence Consulting has what’s required to deliver our core skill sets for all phases of the product lifecycle, having extensive experience from the needs phase all the way through to disposal of assets.

Join Our Team and Grow Your Career

As an employer, Bastion Defence Consulting offers enriching assignments and provides the support required to develop all personnel into world-class consultants who deliver on their potential and are rewarded accordingly.


Who We Are

Bastion Defence Consulting offers highly experienced and qualified personnel to support the safe delivery of capability across land, air and maritime domains.

Our Strengths

Our core skill sets include Asset Management, Project Management, Scheduling, Contracting and Engineering. 

Our Philosophy

Bastion was founded on the principle that a successful company can also be an ethical company. We engage all our clients with an honest and open approach. 


Asset Management

Development and implementation of ISO 5500X compliant asset programs including maturity assessments. Our asset managers will provide support in determining the best for your business.

Project Support Officers

Provision of high quality project support services such as scheduling and administrative tasks. Our schedulers are proficient in Open Plan Professional (OPP) and Microsoft Project.


Our team are experienced in managing maintenance baselines across ANZACs, CCPBs, CCSMs, DDGs, MHCs and Cross Platform Materiel; developing and maintaining backfit RCM, DCACAS, FRACAS and Root Cause Analysis systems and processes.

Supply Chain

Bastion is establishing a workshop in NSW focused on the supply of Defence Materiel. Our experience in this sector, particularly for asset management optimisation, will ensure we always have the right part at the right time.

Integrated Logistics Support

Bastion Defence will provide you with a one stop shop for ILS support including: logistics engineering, codification, supply chain analysis and obsolescence management. Don’t wait to request our services, get in touch and we will provide high quality ILS services which will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation.

Program & Project Management

Project management certified consultants will provide surge or longer-term support to your projects including program management for various projects tailoring the best approach from PRINCE2, PMBOK and AGILE methods.


We are ready to provide high quality engineering services to your business with experience across a wide variety of land, air and maritime systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the optimal balance of in-depth engineering and delivery.


We can develop your ASDEFCON Contracts, approach to market, tender assessment and ongoing contract management. We have extensive experience with the ASDEFCON suite.

Configuration Management

Let Bastion Defence consultants set up and manage your configuration management system. Our consultants have extensive experience writing configuration management plans and working with defence approved configuration management tools including CMT-U, NAVALLOW and AMPS. We are ready to setup, analyse and optimise your configuration management system.


Robert Harvy Portrait

Robert Harvy

Managing Director

Robert is a diversely qualified and experienced Engineering and Business analyst consultant. His qualifications include masters of engineering, bachelor of accounting and project management certification.

Robert’s experience includes exposure to every aspect of the capability lifecycle for major defence assets having worked in Major Projects in Canberra for CASG as well as providing in-service support to submarines and major surface ships in the private sector.

He provided a leading role in the 10+2 Usage Upkeep Cycle (UUC) maintenance reform for submarines which are now providing world beating availability. Robert also provided a leading role for the Rizzo Review in strengthening the ties between the different stages of the capability lifecycle for major defence assets.

Robert’s key strength is his ability to communicate complex strategies and tactics in a manner which aligns stakeholders enabling delivery of cohesive outputs for the client.

As one of the founding members of Bastion Defence Consulting, Robert believes an ethical company is not incongruous to a successful company.

David Gill Portrait

Hugo Ortega

Regional Manager – NSW

Hugo is a Commercial and Procurement consultant with experience across Federal and State Government and the private sector.

Having completed a Bachelor in Business and a Cert IV in Government (procurement), Hugo is currently studying a Master in Economics.

Hugo has managed large, complex contracts and lead end-to-end procurement activities in Defence and Transport NSW on behalf of Government. In the private sector, Hugo conducted procurement activities to deliver savings to corporate clients’ property portfolios, including Tradelink and Australia Post.

In the Defence Maritime environment, Hugo has managed and developed contracts at Maritime Cross Platform SPO; from Breathing Apparatus and Firefighting equipment contracts to Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware. Hugo is currently providing commercial support to DDGSPO. Hugo believes that in the Maritime Sustainment, the Commercial function should be an enabler for the Value for Money of other support functions; employing contractual mechanisms, analysis, stakeholder engagement skills and business acumen as tools to deliver this capability.

Hugo’s varied commercial experience allows him to apply skills and expertise developed across contract models and fundamentally different environments. Hugo’s strengths include the ability to take a “back to first principles” perspective and his strong analytical capability allowing him to solve complex problems.

David Gill Portrait

Genady Weng

Regional Manager – SA

Genady has held numerous Engineering Management and Business Development positions over the past 20 years. He has led bids and managed multidisciplinary teams to deliver projects across the entire Defence Capability Life Cycle, representing both Defence as a customer and Prime Contractors.

As a trusted adviser to his clients, Genady’s key strength lies in understanding their individual needs and formulating appropriate solutions to meet them. Genady prides himself on building trust with clients through proven delivery and developing enduring relationships.

As an Engineering Capability Manager, Genady has managed organisational Systems Engineering and Combat Systems Engineering capabilities to ensure the needs of current and future delivery businesses are met.

Genady specialises in building highly functional teams to meet current and future needs and driving them to successful outcomes through a collaborative approach to solving problems and providing strong technical leadership.

Thomas Duncker Portrait

Tony Doherty

Regional Manager – NA

Tony is a Program and Senior Project Manager with over 25 years’ experience working in the Department of Defence and Private Sectors.

Tony has provided Workforce and Transformational Management assistance to executives, managers and project teams and enjoys mentoring project staff.

Leveraging his strong understanding of the Defence Capability Life Cycle, Tony enjoys assisting his clients with the contracting, financial and negotiation aspects of projects. His easy-going nature, strong negotiating skills and sharp business acumen enable him to build effective business relationships and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

Chris Heath Portrait

Chris Heath

Principal Consultant

Chris is an experienced Mechanical Engineer with a keen interest in defence systems engineering and project management. He has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (with honours) and is currently undertaking a Masters of Project Management.

Chris’ experience includes significant exposure to maritime sustainment in both Sydney and Darwin. This includes platform systems engineering for CASG ensuring cross-class capability is provided to all major RAN assets.

Chris has also worked as the lead Mechanical engineer for a major defence contractor in Darwin ensuring availability of RAN Patrol Boats with a high tempo Usage Upkeep Cycle. Prior to this Chris worked in the fast-paced world of motorsport as a communications engineer supporting Formula One.

Chris’ key strengths are his ability to communicate clearly with a variety of stakeholders and help in bridging the gap between engineering, commercial and sustainment.

Bradley Toole

Principal Consultant

Bradley is a motivated Systems Engineering Consultant with extensive experience across a range of Maritime Platforms. Bradley obtained his degree (with Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of South Australia and has since furthered his studies with certificates in Asset Management and Seaworthiness.

Bradley’s experience stems from being an integral member of the build team for multiple Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Major Surface Ships and Sustainment Projects. Within this, Bradley was awarded an international secondment to a Shipyard in Europe to further develop his experience and assist with delivering complex systems.

Bradley has also performed a leading role verifying the Shock Certification of maritime equipment and systems.

Bradley’s key strength is the ability to understand and effectively communicate technically complex engineering solutions to project stakeholders. This builds strong relationships and ensures the client’s needs and expectations are fully understood; ultimately giving projects the optimum chance for success.

Bradley thoroughly enjoys being a key member of the Bastion Defence team delivering critical maritime capability.

Outside of work, Bradley enjoys spending time at the beach with family and friends.

Alexander Loeken Portrait

Thomas Duncker

Principal Consultant

Thomas is a highly qualified Marine Engineer with a Masters of Marine Engineering and a Bachelor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Thomas has played key roles in the Engineering teams on the AWD project and the Canadian Surface Combatant and most recently Asset Management at MCDSPO.

Having spent multiple years in Project Management on both Engineering and IT projects, Thomas is an extremely well-rounded consultant.

Thomas specializes in Risk Management, Asset Management, Defense Procurement, VFI, Torpedo Handling Systems, and Systems Engineering.

Thomas is experienced in many IT tools used throughout Defence, such as Objective, AMPS, ECQMS, TRMS, MILIS, and CMT-U.

Thomas’s high attention to detail, communication skills, and stakeholder management make him an excellent fit in any team. 

Chris Heath Portrait

Shaun Geddes

Principal Consultant

Shaun is an Associate Maritime Consultant with experience across the technical, management and Defence domains.

Shaun’s initial successes in the private sector measurement industry as a product engineer, project engineer and field diagnostician, preceded a 10-year period in research at the Intelligent Robotics Research Centre (Monash University). His technical expertise and problem-solving abilities facilitated successful outcomes in Artificial Intelligence and Automation projects in the dedicated research environment. Shaun also contributed to the development of software for a newly evolved Automated Vehicle Tracking System.

Shaun’s transition to Defence Industry kicked off by rehabilitating problematic hydrographic systems, after which he assumed a role as Hydrographic Support Manager for a major Defence supplier.

Shaun’s skills are currently being applied to the development of the Hydrographic Software Support Cell for Hydrographic SPO.


Principal Consultant

Andrew holds over forty years’ experience in and around the ADF. He served in the RAN for 21 years as a technical sailor before joining CASG for 18 years where he held a number of engineering and inventory management roles.

Andrew holds a wealth of knowledge in maintenance management, requirements engineering, ILS remediation and Joint Special License equipment.

Alexander Loeken Portrait

Chris Spencer

Principal Consultant

Chris is a driven Senior Maritime Consultant specialising in System Safety Engineering who has gained many years’ experience across a numerous Defence Industry programs.

Chris started his career in the automotive industry earning trade certificates in Light Vehicle Mechanics and Automotive Electrical before completing a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours. Currently, he is studying a Master of Project Management.

As a highly capable Safety Engineer, Chris has played a key role in delivering the Platform System Design Safety Case to the Commonwealth in the Air Warfare Destroyer program. More recently, Chris has applied this knowledge for BAE Systems across numerous programs, helping deliver many projects simultaneously. Most notably, the High Frequency Surveillance program where he led the System Safety Engineering. During his time at BAE he also led activities on a number of projects for the Electronic Warfare capability and similarly helped lay the foundations for the Combat Systems Safety Engineering on the Hunter Class Frigates. Currently, Chris applies his experience as a Seaworthiness Assurance Engineer leading the System Safety for CASG.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys working on his cars, watching or playing sports and spending time with family and friends.

Chris Heath Portrait


Principal Consultant

James is a degree qualified Electrical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in Defence, including 23 years serving in the Royal Australian Navy.

James commenced his career as an Electrical Fitter Mechanic where he learnt the hands-on skills of a tradesman. After committing himself to becoming a professional engineer through degree studies, he has applied those skills to ship repair, business improvement, logistic support and maintenance engineering.

James’s key strength lies in distilling complex problems to a simple core issue, which is supported by his deep knowledge of logistics which was honed through trade skill application, ship repair and working within inventory procurement and maintenance engineering roles.

Outside of work, James focusses on his creative side and can usually be found repairing or repurposing items generally considered beyond repair. He enjoys the theatre and fine arts and is currently learning performance dance.

Chris Gaskin

Principal Consultant

Chris is an experienced professional engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering from the Australian Maritime College and a Master of Project Management from the University of Sydney.

Chris has over 12 years of marine engineering experience, working in key roles for both operators and contractors across installation, repair, maintenance and decommissioning projects.

Recently, Chris was the Project Manager responsible for delivering successful ship dockings to both Defence and commercial customers at Garden Island, Sydney. Whilst supporting CASG (most recently with DDGSPO), Chris has also developed a strong proficiency in the use of the Navy Logistics Information Systems suite including AMPS and CMT-U.

Delivering results and leading high-performing teams of engineers and Subject Matter Experts is Chris’ passion. His outcomes-based philosophy, formal qualifications in ship systems engineering and Project Management, technical knowledge and ability to communicate clearly make him a valued asset to his team.

Alexander Loeken Portrait

Kirsty Richards

Senior Consultant

Kirsty is a Configuration Management practitioner with over 15 years of experience within Defence. Her technical background affords her an intimate knowledge of the Configuration Change Management processes which are critical for maintaining configuration baseline integrity and meeting Seaworthiness obligations.

As part of AORSPO’s Engineering team, Kirsty played a key role in driving behavioural and cultural change to support the AOR Enterprise’s mission of delivering effective and value for money sustainment through the application of asset management principles.

Beyond the technical realm, Kirsty possesses a strong business acumen and enjoys collaborating with stakeholders to understand their needs in order to develop requirements.

Outside of work, Kirsty enjoys travelling to new destinations and exploring the local waterways on her stand up paddleboard.

Chris Heath Portrait

Renae Roberts

Principal Consultant

Renae is a Principal Consultant with over 15 years of legal experience in administrative law, international law, export & arms control and non-proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons legal governance frameworks.

Renae holds 3 Masters-level qualifications and over 10 years of experience as a Senior Legal Officer at the Australian Department of Defence. She has also held positions in State Government, private practice and as a WMD Legal Specialist for the United Nations.

Renae enjoys solving complex problems and formulating concise advice. Over the years, she has advised government across Defence, security, and intelligence matters. She has represented the government at international negotiations, contributed to the development of strategic policies, amended existing legislation as well as introduced new legislation (the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012).

Outside of work, Renae maintains an active social life, reads for pleasure and writes creatively. She also enjoys Latin dancing and spending time in nature.

Rhys Lovering

Principal Consultant

Rhys is a Senior Maritime Consultant specialising in Naval Architecture with extensive experience in delivering early-stage design solutions for naval surface combatants and submarines. Rhys has a Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) from the Australian Maritime College and is currently studying a Masters of Marine Engineering from the University of Adelaide.

As a Naval Architect Rhys played a key role in developing Navantia Australia’s tender offer for the SEA5000 Request for Tender (RFT). During this time Rhys applied his Naval Architectural knowledge to author a series of engineering impact assessments for proposed design changes against the Hobart Class Reference Ship Design.

Whilst working for CASG on the Future Submarine Program Rhys provided ongoing technical advice and engineering assurance to Senior Navy Stakeholders regarding platform stability, trim and compensating system sizing, as well as weight and margins management.

Rhys’ strong interpersonal skills enable him to successfully communicate complex ideas to stakeholders and his eagerness to consistently deliver work on time and exceed expectations inspires those around him.

Outside of work Rhys enjoys playing football (Australian Rules) and attempting to keep fit by running with his local run club – the Somerton Slugs!

Alexander Loeken Portrait

Richard Groves

Principal Consultant

Richard holds over 20 years of engineering and management experience after serving in the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy and working within the commercial sector. Working as a marine engineer and engineering manager on Vanguard and Collins Class submarines allowed Richard to develop a specialised knowledge of safety case authoring and developing safety case artefacts within the nuclear, rail, aerospace and commercial maritime sectors.

Recently, Richard has made industry engagement and commercial contributions to several Australian/UK Defence maritime and land-based programmes. Richard takes pride in providing clear and concise advice and facilitating the development of enterprise partnerships and relationships to deliver safe outcomes, on time and to budget.

Richard is passionate about mentoring and training across all facets of Bastion and has more widely been involved within various university Emerging Leadership programmes. Richard is also an ambassador for the non for profit Eyesea programme, providing a tool for seafarers to map global maritime pollution for data analysis, ocean mapping and plotting areas for clean up, and as a community network convenor for the Red Cross and Red Crescent International Humanitarian Law programme.

Chris Heath Portrait

Bennett Wong

Principal Consultant

Bennett is a data engineer who holds a Bachelor of Computing Engineering and a Master of Engineering Management with over ten years of experience within Defence Industry.

Whilst working with the MSDMC (Materiel Support Data Management Contract) project, Bennett supported RAN System Program Offices in asset and data management, data migration, data audit and data alignment. Bennett was personally responsible for managing multiple data migration projects and testing the Navy Logistics Information Systems suite including CMT-U and AMPS.

Bennett was the responsible Project Manager for MCDSPO’s CMT-M to CMT-U data migration project and ensuring that configuration data was migrated in a correct and timely manner. In order to facilitate this process, Bennett applied his computer engineering expertise to modify the data migration tool to cater for MCDSPO business requirements.

Bennett’s key strength lies in his ability to collate customer requirements and deliver bespoke solutions to meet them. Bennett’s unique solutions provide his clients with the data required to confidently make evidence-based decisions.

Outside of work, Bennett enjoys watching and playing sports and spending time with his family and friends.

Goran Macesic

Principal Consultant

Goran Macesic is a degree-qualified Mechanical Engineer with 23 years of experience across Naval, R&D and mass manufacturing projects. Most recently, Goran has contributed to the Australian Collins and Attack Class Submarine projects. Goran was involved in the design, procurement, build and sustainment of numerous platform systems including Hydraulic Systems, Weapons Discharge and Combat Systems, Air Systems, HVAC, outfitting and more.

Goran leverages his experience as both a Project Manager and Mechanical Engineer to construct, maintain and improve products and processes. Goran prides himself on his leadership qualities, problem solving abilities, analytical skills and aptitude for working with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

Outside of work, Goran enjoys spending time travelling, fishing, playing golf and cooking.

Alexander Loeken Portrait

Jason King

Principal Consultant

Jason King is a degree-qualified Mechanical Engineer with 15 years of experience gained in Australia’s Submarine and Shipbuilding capability. Jason has developed a deep platform understanding of the Australian Collins Class Submarines, Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers and the Attack Class Submarines.

Working above and below the line in Naval Engineering, Jason has extensive experience in requirements development, design, test & trials, sustainment, survivability assurance and governance and vessel signature ranging. Jason’s experience isn’t just limited to desktop activities, having gone to sea on countless signatures trials, noise and vibration trials, builders and sea acceptance trials. Jason has also acted in warrant holder and subject matter expert roles in submarine signatures.

Jason maintains a high level of professionalism and integrity with a strong focus on evidenced-based decision making. Jason enjoys developing and mentoring those with an interest in the fields of noise, vibration, and signatures.

In Jason’s personal life he is the father to two strapping young Adelaide High School rowers and enjoys unwinding by restoring his character home and classic BMW.